2004-06-05 06:07:11 (UTC)


there's nothing left
to write about you
you've sucked the feather dry

but misleaded will i know
it shouldn't matter now
when all is over with

still i'd like to go to bed
with answered would u have

then i am reminded
that there's nothing left
to write about you

and feel as if it wont matter
if i never hear about it
if it's just forgotten
like nothing ever was
because nothing ever was

another you was alive to know
that changes come
and you must go
and you're making it easier to leave you
the more i find you keep from me

the more you show to everyone
pretend to not exist
but it can't stay hidden
somehow you will be found out

now you have
now you have everything you have created
i hope it's enough
because i've had enough

this changes everything
and i dont know what else
i could possible write
about you.