2004-06-05 02:49:15 (UTC)


Aimee called this afternoon to tell me that her high school
aged daughter had called her from school in tears. Seems
that yesterday evening, at the end of the year awards
ceremony, her older brother, who's in the National Guard,
had told a teacher that he'd been hearing rumors that his
unit was going to be called up to Iraq in September. When
she told the teacher she didn't think he was, the teacher
began arguing with her, telling her that the rumors were
probably true.

Aimee was angry at the teacher for talking to her daughter
about it and worse, arguing with her. Then she began
wondering herself it it were true. Kyle hadn't said
anything to her about any rumors.

"He's barely 19 years old, " she said. "Maybe he's just
saying that to make himself sound more macho and it isn't

But she didn't sound too certain.
She called her husband at work and asked him if Kyle had
said anything to him.

"No," he told her.

She called her oldest son at work and he also told her that
Kyle hadn't said anything to him.

"That boy's in trouble either way", she told me.
"Either he's saying it to make himself feel more important
and scaring people or he knows or suspects he's going and
not talking to us about it."

She said she'd be talking to him when he got home later
tonight and she'd call me this week-end when she found what
was going on.

I also read my online friend, Carol's journal entry tonight
about her Soldier Boy. He's being promoted to Sergeant and
thinking of re-upping as a crew chief and door gunner. My
heart jumped into my throat on reading this news. He'll be
making his decision this weekend.

On Fridays Pastor Ruth sends the next Sunday's church
bulletin by e-mail to those of us who want it. Her message
this week began:

To you whom God loves,
As the apostle Paul so eloquently said, whenever I think of
you, I praise God. May you know this week that your
faithfulness does indeed make a difference in this world!
Keep praying for peace.

I'm praying, Pastor Ruth. I'm praying as fast and as hard
as I can.