my diary that i write in when im bored,
2004-06-05 01:28:50 (UTC)

ah! stupid people who go see movies

so today harry potter and the prisnor of azkaban came out.
steph and i were gonna go see it after work and the gym.
it was sold out *tear* im so sad. not that i don't know
what happens it would just be awesome to see it.
it was nice to go to the gym tho i hadn't been in a while.
worked my inner and outer thighs that was great i hate
them so much. and my butt because it's so flippin big. amy
tell me, "dont make me feel bad!" because her butt is
almost as flat as a pancake. by all means you can have
mine. so what i wouldn't be evenly porportioned i dont
give a crap.
steph gets after me for saying that. bleh i dont care.

i ran on the tredmil for like.. 5 minutes. it was really
funny. i was way out of breath but it definitly was a
great cardio workout. my heart was pummppinnnnn. we do at
least 30 mins to an hour of cardio, then on to the
machines! i hope i get in better shape. altho haha well i
still eat like a junkie. i just love junk food and food so
much. i'd rather be fat and happy then skinny and eating
crap that i didn't like. im not fat tho... so i'd rather
be where i am , working out and eating yummy junk than
scrawney, and eating health food.
psh mrs america, go jump in a lake. i dont care.
gives me shivers eating that strictly.
i can't wait for dashboard!! chris just told me that
garrett might go. yay! that'd be great.
ne way im gonna go.