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2004-06-04 21:40:35 (UTC)

[email protected]

in these 2 days, everyone ask me wht happened to my hands
or wht did i do to my hands. of cuz, i didn't tell them b/c
they don need to know wht happened to my hands, it's nth
big deal.

today 9th per., mr. russell asked me wht happened to my
hands and wht did i do to my hands. he told me don even
think or try to do it, he told me "I'M SERIOUS, DON'T DO
IT, OK???" i was so surprise he said that to me and i felt
so happy that he care me and notice wht happened to my

u c, even my favorite teacher knew wht happened to me and
asked me wht happened. U......U didn't notice and U didn't
even say anything to me, (maybe U knew it, just don know
wht to say to me b/c of some reasons that both of us knew).

is it no one will pay attention or notice or care about u
until something happened or something showed??? it's clear
to me that it's kind of true. if U didn't c my hands, U
will not say anything to me or try to talk to me(although i
try to ignore U or pretend U R invisible), right?

i knew wht U think and wht U want to do, just U don know
anything about me or U don even understand me.

actuallu, U R not the one who do nth about it, UR LOVE, MY
BEST FD, she's the other one that said nth and do nth about

since U 2 r.............we didn't talk more than 5
sentences a week, imagine that happen to U or ur fd, wht u
gonna do or feel or SOLVE. i rememberd U said U will try UR
best to SOLVE it, DID U TRY????

*the true is, there's nth happened to my hand, i just feel
like to put the bandaid on my hand and c wht u guys will
think of it. and the ans. is, u all think that i did sth
crazy, i promised my fds and familt i won't do it anymore,
so.......it will never happen again*