Talking about Whatever
2004-06-04 17:12:27 (UTC)

Coachella Valley Art and Music Festival

I'm a little behind. lol. Just haven't gotten around to
writing anything for a while. Anyway, I went to the
Coachella Valley Art and Music Festival. It was so
fantastic! The best experience of my life. It was
incredible! We drove. So, it took us about 35 hours to get
from Northern Indiana to Southern California. We took
Route 66. I was really looking forward to the drive and it
was awesome. The sights were so beautiful. There wasn't
much to look at going through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri,
or Oklahoma. But it was still great because I've never
really been out of Indiana. I went to Florida once, but
that's about it. Oklahoma was exceptionally boring. I was
in the musical Oklahoma when I was a senior in high
school, so I expected it to be at least a little exciting,
but it wasn't. Once we got into Texas things started
looking better. Texas was beautiful and much to my
surprise, really cold. I always thought it was warm there,
but I later found out the top part is pretty cold. Texas
has the best reststops too. Really big buildings with nice
bathrooms and hot chocolate machines. Then Arizona and New
Mexico were awesome too. Beautiful!!! I'd never gotten
to see any of it before. The canyons and deserts and
cactus. What I really wanted to see was one of those
tumbleweed things and I guess the rest of the van got to
see one and didn't bother to wake me up for it. So I'm
still a little disappointed about that. But one thing that
kind of freaked me out was that there were armidillos
laying on the side of the road. Like roadkill. In Indiana,
you see raccoons or oppossums on the side of the road,
seeing armidillos was a little weird. We drove through
half of New Mexico and Arizona in the dark, so we didn't
get to see too much, but I did get to see my big cactus's!
We got lost in Phoenix, but we found out way out. Then we
entered California. I was asleep, so I really didn't see
anything, it was also the middle of the night. So, I woke
up once we entered Indio. And we found out hotel really
easily. It was a Red Roof Inn. It was a pretty nice place.
Comfy. We signed in, got to our room and plopped down to
FINALLY get some real rest.
We woke up the next morning at about 8:30, got our showers-
which we hadn't had for a few days-- and hoped in the van
to go find some grub. We ended up eating at a Denny's. It
was my first Denny's experience. Pretty good, but I
couldn't really eat, my nerves were getting to me. So, we
finished, got in the van, and headed for Indio. It
actually wasn't too far away from out hotel. So, we're
sitting in the line of cars and we decide to get out and
walk, it can't be that far if the cars are lined up here
and they still go back a ways, right? So, we get out and
start walking. And Walking. And Walking. Following the
line of cars. We're fine, totally excited and have all
this extra energy. Then we get to this new kind of road
where there aren't sidewalks anymore. Just sand and palm
trees. We're practicly walking in the desert. I could
hardly take it anymore, but I knew I had to. I swear we
walked like 6 miles in the 105 degree weather. It was
horrible. So, we finally make it onto the grounds.
FINALLY. We go through the line, they search our stuff,
they made me use my inhaler in front of them I've never
had to do that before, it was weird. We're in... we RUN to
find water and surprisingly it was pretty cheap, 2 bucks.
Deer Creek water is like 5 bucks.
The first band we walk up to on the main stage is the
Sounds, at the time I was so tired and not really ready to
party yet, so I didn't pay that much attention to them, I
just wanted to sit down, but now that I'm home and
listened to the cd I wish I would have payed more
attention, they're great. After that we just kind of walk
around a bit, try to get familiar with the place. We stand
around and watch a few bands, hang out in the movie tents
where it felt pretty good, they had huge fans, and we got
some icy lemonade things which turned out to be most of
our nurishment during the weekend. That and water. During
the hot part of the day Ryan needs to see the Stills, so
we go. We're standing in the middle of the crowd and I'm
feeling fine when all of a sudden I start feeling really
dizzy and faint. I get myself back together, when I feel
it again, only worse. I don't remember anything that
happened after that point, but sources say that I just
started staring, then I told Ryan I needed to sit down so
we go out to find a place to sit. I don't remember walking
out of the crowd even, it was insane. I made Ryan somewhat
miss the two songs he wanted to hear, Still In Love and
Alison Krauss. He's still bitter. So, after that we go
back to the film tents for some cool air. Then get our
asses back up for some more music. I don't remember who we
saw next, but we left them to go see BECK!!!! Well, I
didn't technically get to see him, I heard him. He was in
one of the littler tents. So, the whole tent was full,
plus surrounding the tent it was a tight squeeze. I got
buzzing on the secondhand smoker standing next to me. I
love watching people secretly smoke their weed. So, I
loved Beck even thought I didn't get to see him. For some
reason I don't remember much of the first day. So... the
next thing I remember was splitting up to watch the Desert
Sessions. So, Ryan went up to get ready to watch them and
I went exploring. Actually looking for water, but the
lines were too long. So, I went back, got a good spot
along the outside of the crowd, but I could totally see
them. They were so awesome. My favorite band of the first
day. I love jammy stuff like that. I was dancing, I can't
help myself sometimes, ya know? They were one of the
highlights, I loved it. But all good things must come to
an end and right here is my biggest regret of the weekend,
but I'll get back to that. We left Desert Sessions early
to get a decent spot for the Pixies. I love the Pixies,
but me being 5'0 can't enjoy too much. Everyone is taller
than me, while I loved listening to them and getting the
occasional glimpse of the huge screens and looking thru
the guy in front of me's camera phone. I hardly got to see
anything. I hated it, not the band, I loved them, but the
situation. I hate being in crowds like that. It was a huge
crowd. So, they got done and I was planning on staying
with Ryan for Radiohead. I LOVE RADIOHEAD and I was
psyched to see them. People started getting really pushy
and it was so crowded that I couldn't move, I was so
uncomfortable and I'm short, so I'm like in the middle of
huge people. So, I told Ryan, I can't deal with this I'm
gonna go stand somewhere else. He said ok, so we parted. I
didn't realize when I left him that there were like
500,000 people there and how easy was it going to be to
find a spot were I could actually see Thom or Johnny. I
called mom, because I was freaking out (Why did I leave
him, that was so stupid. I don't know what to do now.)And
I really was freaking out. I was completely nervous. Then,
as I was standing there freaking out on the inside this
hippie girl came up and stood by me. For some reason it
made me feel 100% better, it calmed me down. She smiled at
me and my nerves slowed down and i felt so much better.
She left a few minutes later and I stayed cool. So, I
stayed there, in that spot and this older couple was
behind me and this younger couple with a joint to my side
and I felt really comfortable. The music started and it
was incredible. You know the feeling you get when the
music just hits you, right in your soul. You feel it
pumping thru you? Well that's how I felt. I've only felt
that twice in my life, my first Phish show and then
Radiohead. Oh my gosh, I love that feeling. The couple
behind me and the couple next to me were dancing then a
few other people joined us. It was great, just dancing
with a group of people. The guy in the couple next to me
asked me if I wanted a puff of his joint, but I declined.
He was cool with it. We kept dancing then then the younger
couple left and we all just kind of danced on our own
then, but it was great. They played Karma Police and
Paranoid Android, No Surprises. Wow, it was incredible.
So, that ended and I didn't know what to do. Ryan and I
hadn't really set up a meeting place, which was stupid.
So, I just went on the Phantom Planet. Figuring he'd just
go onto Kraftwerk. I got to Phantom Planet in time to be
one of the first people there. I was standing there by the
stage when they were still setting up their stuff, talking
to this guy and his girlfriend. But then I realized, what
if Ryan is looking for me, I shouldn't stay up here, he'll
never find me. So, I walked around looking for him, but
had no luck. So, I just sat at the back of the Phantom
Planet tent, watching for Ryan. But I never saw him. So, I
went to a spot where I could watch for him if he was
walking from the Kraftwerk tent or walking around looking
for me. I waited and watched, but never saw him. The place
started getting thinner and thinner and hardly anyone was
there anymore. So, I walked to the front gate thinking
maybe he would be there, but he wasn't. I called my Aunt
Sandy, because I had no clue what to do. She told me to
walk around the place one more time and if I didn't see
him to just start walking home. So, I did. And I did start
to walk home, when Sandy called back. I told her that I
really didn't think that he would just leave me like that,
so I walked back. I got up to the gate the damn security
guard yelled at me. "We're closed" I told him I couldn't
find who I came with, but he didn't care, asshole. He told
me to go wait at the entrance to the parking lot, but I
was like screw you. So, I started walking home, my phone
was dead and I was so scared. I had to walk the whole
desert part, by myself, at 2 in morning, with a group of
guys walking in front of me that kept looking back at me,
in California. I'm walking and I see my mom and Ryan
coming towards me. I was so happy. I started crying. Well
I made it out alive. My parents had come to pick us up and
my mom saw my brother, Ryan walking by himself without me
and she started freaking. So, they convinced the police
officer to let them park in a place they weren't supposed
to park, by telling him him that I was having an asthma
attack at the venue and I needed someone to come get me.
He was a kind of cool cop. So, they came and found me.
That was one of the scariest times in my life.
But we got home and slept in the next morning until like
10. Got up, got showers, went to KMart to get new cameras
and film, ate at Del Taco, and took off back to the field.
This time my parents dropped us off at the front
enterence. So, we didn't have to walk the 6 miles thru the
desert. This time while we were standing in line to get in
they had hoses that they were using on us. It felt nice.
They were more prepared the second day. We got it, went to
the Main Stage and the Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra was
playing. There were another one of my favorite bands that
played that weekend. Funky as Hell. I danced my ass off. I
loved it. So, after them we decided to start getting up
towards the front for Thursday. We got up really close.
But we had to wait thru this band Muse first. They played
and they were ok. They were one of my worst favorites of
the weekend. One thing that was weird is that at one point
they had a second guitarist offstage playing with them. It
was kind of stupid, like why couldn't they let the guy up
onstage to play with them? They were decent, but not a
favorite. So, we're up like 3 or 4 rows from the front and
Thursday comes out. Before seeing them I didn't know much
about them. I knew like a couple songs, but that was it.
But they came out and rocked ass. Hardcore. I loved
watching them. I could actually see all of them at one
time or another. I was in a pretty good spot to see them.
No one real tall in front of me. Geoff's crazy. Like he
gets so into it. He's so cute and I was watching him,
because he would come right up to the end of the stage,
like right over me and be singing with his eyes shut every
time. A few times I thought maybe he was looking at me,
because he was right there, but his hair was in his eyes
and I couldn't tell if his eyes were open or not, but he
was so sexy. lol. He spoke his piece on the whole War
thing. It makes me happy when people speak their mind like
that. He disapproves of it, just like the best of us. He
kept saying bring our troops home. So, then they sang some
more and in the middle of it he was singing and all of a
sudden just falls into the drums. Like he fainted or
something. And in the mic you could hear like these
gurgling sounds, it was so weird. I couldn't really tell
what was going on, because of my lack of height yet again,
but I could tell something was wrong. The band just stood
there for a minute and finally the guitarist ran over to
him and some people from offstage ran over to him. He
passed out, they got him some water and he swished it
around his mouth, spit it out, and got back up and
said "We Will Finish This Set!" and everyone cheered. I
guess he had been sick and his doctor told him that he
shouldn't do the show, but he did anyway. I don't know if
it was that that was the problem or if it was the heat,
because it was like 108 degrees or something. I think they
finished their set early, I'm not sure. But a lot of
people were upset with it, saying they didn't get their
moneys worth of Thursday, but I did. Man, they were one of
my favorite bands too. I feel like I've said that so many
times, but in reality there were like 90 bands all
together and I REALLY liked only like 4 or 5 of them. So,
after that we headed over to another stage to check out
Cursive and Bright Eyes. Ryan and I both looked at each
other when we heard Cursive bust out with Milkshake, God I
hate that song. But Cursive brought it home, it was great.
Then Bright Eyes did a song about raining McDonalds and
they talked bad about Bush too. After that we walked
around for a bit. Checked out some other tents. It started
getting later and we wanted to check out the Crystal
Method, so we got to the Sahara Tent early. It was so hot,
but so cool. It was like a rave. Glowsticks, dancing, the
whole thing. That tent had been there the whole time and
we hadn't even noticed it the whole weekend. So, we
checked out Adam Freeland, he was really good. Then the
Crystal Method came out, they weren't as good as I had
thought they would be, but they were good. Actually I
liked Adam Freeland better out of the two. We left the
Crystal Method early to go check out the Flaming Lips on
the main stage. We had to stand towards the back, which
Ryan hadn't done yet, but it was still ok. Wayne Coine
came out in a plastic bubble from outer space. He
crowdsurfed while in the bubble. It was amazing. They only
did like 4 songs which was disappointing. I really like
them, but I think Ryan liked them more. So, after them we
headed to the outdoor stage for Basement Jaxx. So, did
everyone else. We stood there for like a minute and then
realized that everyone was over here, so we went back to
get a great spot for the Cure. See, I had this problem,
that most people wouldn't have with the Cure. I never
really listened to them much. But I always got the Cure,
the Smiths, Joy Division, and the Talking Heads mixed up.
Call me a dumb ass, but I'm not very observant. So, by
brother started giving me quizzes and I soon could, for
the most part distinguish between the Cure and the Smiths.
So, I wasn't like psyched to see the Cure, because to me
they were also the Smiths, but I wasn't going to complain.
We had pretty good spots because everyone was over at the
Basement Jaxx and we kind of got separated again, but I
still kept an eye on him. So, we stood there and stood
there. I was getting restless waiting for this band to
come out and do the damn thing. Plus an added irritation
was this guy behind me like messed up out of his mind. He
was standing up, eyes squinting so hard, and like rocking
back and forth, with his hands up and they were shacking
so bad, it was weird. He eventually sat down which was
even weirder because he was right down at my legs and he
was rocking back and forth making these strange noises, I
was so sure he was going to throw up on me or something.
But the Cure finally came out like 20 or 40 minutes late
or something like that and he stood for like one song and
then his friend and him took off, so I had more room and I
had made it without any awkward things happening between
us. So, the Cure it doing the thing. Kicking ass at it, I
might say. They started off with a new song and then did
Fascination Street. And they kept playing, rocking my
world, and people kept leaving. I was like what's going
on? And people just kept leaving and we kept scooting up
towards the stage, getting closer and closer to it. After
awhile Ryan walks over to me like, just walks over without
have to make his way through the crowd, there was no crowd
where we were. It was so spacious. The second half we had
all the room we wanted to do whatever. Like a lot of
people left and I still don't know why. Ryan said maybe it
was because they were playing newer stuff and no one
wanted to hear it, but whatever, more room for me. So,
they played the Lovecats, which I didn't know then, but
they hardly ever play and it is now a favorite song of
mine. The encore was great. Older songs. I think they did
that so that just the people that stayed long enough to
hear the encore could hear the great stuff. By the end of
the night we were pretty close. And if you look at the
pictures we took, it looks really close. The Cure is a
great band. They were my absolute favorite of the weekend.
Surprising! Robert Smith is a beautiful man. And had an
interesting resemblance to John Cusack in the 80's. In the
Lovecats video Robert is to good looking. So, after that
Ryan and I got some frozen Lemonade, sat down and watched
the people clear out. Then we got up and took off, walking
back to find mom and dad. It seemed like we walked
forever, but we got to them, together this time. We didn't
lose each other once that day. But that was the end of the
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. It was the
funnest thing I've ever done.