my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2004-06-04 03:03:52 (UTC)

im really sleepy and i have to work tomorrow and its 11.

GO TO BED! i need to... but i am in the moode to type.
last night steph and jeff(sis and fiance) cleaned out my
computer room. i mean CLEANED OUT. theres nothing in there
not even carpet. theres a light and thats all. so now i
have to use dad's computer. i hate it because im not
allowed to down load aim so i have to use aim express and
right now it won't work.
bleh who cares i could do with the break.
chris's party was fun. i had the best time after everyone
left(altho matt ryan, your cute.) and it was just amy chris
and i and we talked for an hour and a half. that was
i love talking! and it was great because i hadn't talked to
chris in forever.
we're going to dashbaord together(amy chris and i) that'll
be awesome. i know um... very few of they're songs... but
hey! i bought the cd and i love number 6, chasing a ghost i
think it's called. it's really pretty. so pretty, that i
went online and copied the tabs. not from the printer, by
HAND. its really pretty and now i can play it:) oh the joy
of guitar. it'd probably be pretty on piano too ill have to
check that out tomorrow after work.
anyway like i said, i have work and its 11:05 and i LOVE 8
hours at least. so... goodnight.

Chele. opps wrong diary, Michele.

(my other yay its so fun like this, is chelebigbutt)

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