My Diary
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2004-06-04 01:58:05 (UTC)


ok so me and Devin have known each other for like almost 2
years now.. i like him a lot and he likes me too but we
live so far apart that a relationship jus wouldnt work out
so we decided to wait till we turned 16 and then get back
together... well i was on the phone with him the other day
and he asked me who i was into these days other than him
and i was like nobody really and he was like oh and i
asked him and he said he didnt know BULLSHIT!!! but anyway
he said hes tired of being single and he said he knows i
am too cuz i've said it before and then he said i should
get a boyfriend and i was like well i have no one to go
out woth and he was like i'm sure there are plenty of guys
that would want to go out with you.. that conversation
made me realize that we probably wont get back together
and that hurts me so much cuz i've been wanting to get
back with him since we broke up.. and then like 10 mins
later i was in the phone with andrew and him and he was
all like when i get my car we're gunna go camping at
skiatook and andrew was like ok and then he told me i had
to go too... and then he also said that ince he turns 18
he wants me to go to a titty bar with him... hes confusing
the hell outa me i swear.. well i gotta go bye