Living With Bi-Polar & BPD...
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2004-06-03 23:38:15 (UTC)

Nagged into it....

I received a nag-mail and realized it's been three days
since my last entry. I guess I haven't been doing
anything terribly exciting lately. That's not entirely
true. I ate my 1st Italian Sub and am still trying to get
rid of it!!!! Such awful belching I have never had before
in my life. I wish I had just thrown up. It would have
been over with much quicker. HA HA HA

Shell is mad at me tonight. I didn't get anything out for
dinner tonight that she could grill and that didn't suit
her. She really wanted to grill something. I had two
choices out, neither one was for the grill. Ok, I goofed,
I should have called her and told her I didn't feel like
much for dinner, did she want something out for herself
for the grill. That is what she wishes I had done.
Instead, I did what I wrote earlier, which told her that I
wasn't thinking of her at all. Just me me me.

Jesus, all I could see infront of me was a child having a
crying jag. All she could see was someone who didn't give
a hoot about what she wanted.

Neither of us won anything in that round. So now we are
at either ends of the house. I'm eating cereal and she's
probably eating one of the choices I pulled out of the
freezer for dinner. This is what we do. It's so juvenile
and ridiculous. I guess they mean the same thing, don't
they? :)

Reminds me of Peyton Place..........

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