lyssa's Diary!
2004-06-03 21:03:03 (UTC)

im at school right now

well... lol aj and i arent talken, connor and i are on
speaking terms... and i just txt messaged taylor... why i
dont know.. also i met a new guy named chris, thought he
was cool at first, gave me his old cell phone which is cool
and all (i mean it was 200 dollars) BUT! hes been proving
to be a stalker.. im getten kinda scared ya know? hes
called and called, and leaves messages left and right. he
needs to tone it down a bit. im totally turned off by it.
and he wants tot alk like all night,and all day.. i dont
have time for all of that. so i dont know how im gonna let
him down ya know? i mean whoa! and i realyl dont wanna
give him his cell phone back lol i like it. so who knows on
wat i should do.
ANYWAYS... i hate aj gil, and i hope this time its for real
that we dont keep talken becuz i hate guys llike him and
this has been goin off and on! but right now im in class so
i will takl to u all later! byes!