my life sux
2004-06-03 14:11:07 (UTC)

May28th I went in docs office because I felt like killing myself.

Hello Diary,
I saw Dr. Hedaya first to just tell him I was ok but really
I still had suicidal fellings.
He was really worried about me and he talked to me
He let me choose to go in the hospital or not even though it
was the psch ward.
I decided I should go and I stayed 3 nights 4 days.
It was part of Emory even though it was next to Engleston.
I think I was the saniest person there actually.
They doubled my meds twice I got it twice but the 2nd time I
was in no mood to argue so I took them and I was nice and
high all day.
Before I put on an anti depressant I told the doctor she had
to talk to Dr.Hedaya make sure it didn't interfere w/my
epilepsy meds.
So the one she gives I ask her about the side effects and
she leaves one out.
It can cause seizures and I don't appreciate her leaving
that out one bit.
I called dr.Hedaya when I got Dr.Hedaya yesterday and let
him know how I felt about it.
He basically said He come to my apaartment he'd have an
abused patient if i didn't take the anti depressant.