The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-06-01 23:58:15 (UTC)

Its just the incidental things!

Heylo ppl..hows it going? am alritey jus nows! well i aint
really been up2 much 2day..was alrite i suppose!

Had dancin in the morning n its now all finished which is looks pretty snazzy so that shud b good 2 do wen
the time cums! hehe..:o)! In the afternoon i went thro 2
Livingston 2 get a suit for the funeral n stuff..n i
eventually got one! Feel bad for not going into town with
Jonathan wen i said i yeh :-/..tis ok coz his wee
legs fucked! aww..! anyhoo!

2nite i actually stayed in n chilled about for once in a was pretty good :-) jus watched tv n pranced
about n stuff..n drank milky coffee..twas delicious! :oP..!

Last nite i went up 2 Emmas with Leesha n we sat about n
watched Big Brother n chatted about girly stuff..aka..guys!
hehe..was a good laff..! im yawnin n im not even that
tired..ahh! its crazy..well js a wee short entry this time
coz not much has been happening..!

- x adios x -

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