2004-06-01 23:29:02 (UTC)

Looking Back, Looking Ahead and Praying for Peace

It's a short week because of Memorial Day, which confuses
me. I keep thinking today is Monday when it's Tuesday and it
throws me off. Add that it's also the start of another
month and I'm really all a dither!

I added the list of books I read in May to my list. The
2004/Books I've Read (Updated Monthly) entry is February
19th. I've read a total of 61 books so I'm well on my way
to meeting my goal of reading 100 books a year.

Looking back at last week's entries I think I captured the
highlights. Yes, that means there weren't many highlight
but that's fine. Here's a few that weren't mentioned:
** I received an email from a reporter at the Oregonian
newspaper just checking in. I've known him for
more than 10 years and he's the only reporter I'd
trust if I had need to talk to a reporter again.
(I'm not including Bob here who writes for another
newspaper as he's a columnist, not a reporter and
yes, I trust him too.)
** We saw Owen on our last trip to Corvallis
** We cleaned up the front yard but still need to plant

I'm a compulsive list-maker (can you tell?) so I've made a
list of what I want to accomplish this month.
** Finish knitting hats, booties and sweaters to mail to
military hospital the last week of June
** Finish quilting Star quilt in the frame and bind
** Make label for Liberty Eagle top
** Knit prayer shawl for Penny
** Keep up the garden and yard work

That's the short list. Trust me, you don't want to see the
long one!

Other things coming up this month:
** Classes end at the university next week so that means
we'll see more of the Beaver Boys
** John's father will celebrate his 84th birthday
** Father's Day
** Put up more family photos on the webshots page
I've set up for that purpose (Dad, I'm sure,
would like to get his photographs back)
** Get the carpets cleaned and defrost the freezers
** Jack may be home for the Fourth of July week-end.

Church activities will be pretty quiet for the next few
months. Choir practice is on hiatus for the summer.
In August we have the ice cream social and vacation bible
school all of which happens towards the beginning of the
month but that means I should have more time for knitting,
quilting, praying and gardening in the next few weeks.

In my entries I've mentioned occasionally that I say the
rosary for world peace. I say one every day in church when
it's open, on my daily walk or before going to sleep. I use
Steven's rosary.

Most people associate the rosary with Roman Catholics and it
was in that faith I was raised. For various reasons, I left
and I'm now a Methodist. I wanted a church that focused on
love and service, not on guilt or fear and I've found
that. The pastor has no problems with my saying the rosary,
even in church, which makes me happy as I feel very
comfortable with this practice and want to continue it.

In the newspaper today, there was an article about
another young Oregon soldier, killed in Afghanistan. He
leaves a wife who's four months pregnant. I've added their
names to my prayer list.