Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-06-01 22:42:12 (UTC)

day 6

which I think technically is day 7 but whatever
um we have almost completed the recoridng process, we have
overdubs(keyboard, percussion, guitar...etc.), back ground
vocals, and one main vocal left to do. On Sunday we spent
the whole day either fixing my terrible voice or I was in
there trying to sing and sound sexy...

The rest of my weekend was spent watching movies, and
hanging out with friends and family

i am at work now trying to not work so I can go
I am staying with my brother this week
which should be fun

top 5 best albums ever(regarless if I like them)
1 The Beatles / Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
2 The Beach Boys / Pet Sounds
3 Silverchair / Diaroma
4 Radiohead / Kid A
5 Phantom Planet / Phantom Planet

ok I guess thats it
CD: Beach Boys / Pet Sounds (amazing) , and Dolour / you
can't make new old friends (awesome)
MOVIE: Shrek(good can't wait to see the sequel), Club Dread
(FUNNY but not as good as super troopers), Zoolander
(classic), and The Day After Tomorrow(good a little bad
acting and missing plot but good)
BOOK: Wouldn't it be nice: the making of The Beach Boy's
Pet Sounds (good so is the making of the white
album) and the bible ( i need to read this more)