Life & Times of D. Walker
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2004-06-01 19:48:13 (UTC)

So much has changed!

Well- since the last time I wrote in here- I've gotten over
Duffy and started dating Steve. I like Steve a lot- but he
doesn't give me the amount of attn. I want! We don't spend
enough time together. Once a week is just not enough for
me. Plus I don't like the fact that he smokes week almost
everytime I'm with him. It's getting old.

I know it's wrong- but I started hanging out with a new
guy. His name is Chris and he's pretty nice. He's not the
smoothest guy in the world- but he does have a great body.
We spent a few hours together yesterday. I'm not sure if
he's someone I want to be romantically involved with- but
he is a cool guy and he likes to go out and do things!