Dick Doomsday

Pathetic Punk
2004-06-01 18:56:08 (UTC)

so i'll start this

like i start everyother freaking entry.

man...been so busy lately. havent had time to write in this

so yeah thats the truth. been working lots. but still dont
have any money. i also hadnt cut in a long time but found
myself on the bathroom floor with a blade last night while i
was on the phone with john. i didnt cut too deep. just had a
little frustration i had to let out.

work has been a lot better lately cuz kevin left. now i just
need to get rid of tessa.

josiah....oh josiah....cant marry him. im in love with
someone else.

this summer is going to be hell. i'll be working about a
million hours a week and doing four classes online. i wont
have any time to sleep. but sleep is overrated anyways.

anyways....i think i gonna go see a movie tonight. i got
some free tickets. might as well.

i love mark. i love john. i love sal.