my boring ass life
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2004-06-01 13:05:25 (UTC)

medical marijuana

now i knew that you could get maedical pot for cancer and
things like that but the other day i heard a commercial on
the radio saying that you can get medical marijuana for
depression as well. i've come to the conclusion that pot
mellows me out (i'm bi-polar), so, i looked it up on the
internet. weird shit....you can be a medical pot patient,
BUT no doctors here in cali can write you a perscription
for it. that tripped me out...what the fuck are these
people on? either give it to us or don't. goddamned
politicians. eh. well, the whole point of this entry was
to ask if anyone knew how to get medical marijuana. i
heard there was a list of docs that could do it but i've
had no luck finding it. hopefully y'all can help me out.

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