2004-06-01 12:55:53 (UTC)

i find sometimes its easy to be myself, sometimes i find its better to be somebody else...

so im just sitting here waiting for Mike to call and tell
me if i can work.

honestly, i dont give a fuck. not because i dont give a
fuck about anything anymore. but because im really over
danelle, im really over THIS, and even though i love my
job, if i can find a new one, its all the same to me.

erik got married. thats crazy.

you know. i dont know where this came from yesterday.
yes, i do, i had this old burned CD in, and that song 'im
real' was on it, and she had that on her profile once, with
every single word mispelled without fail. and i was
thinking, you know what pisses me off the most. that bitch
won. i found a girl who made me happy, this ugly stupid
bitch decided SHE wanted her instead, and she fucking won.
put aside the fact that it didnt work out, and it didnt
make caroline happy - it doesnt matter, she won. HOW.
there is NOTHING attractive about her. shes not
intelligent. with as little confidence as i have in myself,
i can say with all seriousness that i am so much better
than her. but she won. she took my girl.

i want to go to the gym. i went twice yesterday and i did
5 miles. but im waiting on mike...

my nails are long.

no one is guna do this for me. no one is really even going
to help me. its all my job. and its a big job.