teen life
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2004-06-01 06:33:00 (UTC)

life can realy suck

dear diary
i wish i was somewear far away from hear away from my
family. my sister is layzy she whatches tv nearly all day
my mum wont take me to the air port in the moring before
work so i cant get an early flight like i wanted. mum wont
even let me move out in the middel of next year to do a
course i have wanted to do for the last 2 years.

i love caleb soooo much(im nt only saying that) and if i
dont get to go to chch i
will fall apart totaly i will probaly cry my eyes dry lock
my self in my room and starve my self to death im nt only
to get going to chch to see caleb im going to get awya from
the family including my sister the most anoying layzy arse
fukd up sister in the world that pick fights with people
that work there arses of picking up after her, army cadets
i just want to forget it for a wile and i want to get out
of the chains that keep me from doing what i realy want to

well i will write later when i am a bit more happy and
sorry i have not writen for a wile.

lv sam

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