2004-05-31 17:18:25 (UTC)


wow.. i am a slacker! its been FOREVER since i've had an
update.. and this isn't even going to be a real one bc im
getting ready to babysit! I haven't had a chance to update
bc here is an example of my days schedules 1) work 8-3
babysit 3:30-11 OR i do the babysit 10-4 work 6-cl LoL
gotta do whats gotta be done thou to pay my parents back
the $3500 that i owe them :( it sucks, but oh well, i only
need about $900 dollars more and then i have enough to pay
them back, and i've done some calculating and i should make
about $3000 this summer after i pay them back from
babysitting, blue chip and the stadium job.. oh well, i
gotta jet thou, i'll update later about how my summer has
been going!