The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-05-31 16:44:54 (UTC)

cheap n nasty vodka! :oP!

LoL! fuck knows what made me put ma name as that! so aye! I
LoOoOoOve vodkakakakakakakaka! anyhoo! Heylo everyone..hows
it going? Aint wrote in here in a couple of days n dya kno
i fink i say that every time i write in sorry for
the repetition! this may b a long diary entry! lol..well
heres sum stuff thats happened over the weekend..!

Friday - was at the weddin all day..went n got ma hair all
done up n looked kik ass! lol n it was a great
wedding..all ma mums mates are crazee..especially big Joe!
he kiks ass! lol..erm..Trisha *bride* looked absolutly
gorgeous..she looked like a roman goddess or summit..jus
beautiful n davie *groom* looked lovely 2..aww they make a
nice couple! :o)! anywayz i drunk soo much n didnt get
pished bt i think its coz we had a 5 course meal..anyway
was a good nite! n OoOo..sexi Camille! hes a french student
living over here..hes *phwoar*! anyhoo..was good!

Saturday - i dnt think i done much during the day..i cant
really remember then at nite we went over 2 Jos for a
while! was a good laff..n i got kinda drunk! bt its coz i
was drinkin n smokin it jus kinda hit me all at once..!
crazy shit happened with all the neds like Jos neighbours
window got cracked n then someone smashed a bottle on her
dads jeep n the police came n it was jus crazee! good nite
tho! .. After that went up to Malcolms for what i thot was
gonna b a wee i eventually left there at 10 to 6
feckin afro..:-/ i was like wtf! lol..its away nows tho!
Atcoz i was shattered n i got home n was really i
decided to take my dog walkin! it was such a pretty
morning..and malcolm fallin asleep with that bra on.! the showpark anol! fuckin hell! the mad mental
beatly horsey dog! had 2 mention it somewhere in here! LoL!

Sunday - i went 2 ma dads n chilled about for a bit...kinda
slept coz i was shattered n didnt sleep much! see when i
took out ma hair from being all pinned turned into
a nite i went up 2 Malcoms again for a bit with ppl..then
we went n got Blakkie then went 2 the secret park n chilled
about a bit then played "wally" at maxi primary! yass! how
good are we! lol..then i came home pretty earlier actually
n slept!

2day i aint done much went 2 the centre with ma mum 2 get
sum stuff..then came home n went for a bath n done ma hair
n ma nails n stuff like that n got all pampered! hehe..was
pretty aye! Dunno what im up2 yet..aint made any
plans but i mite jus stay in..or i mite go oot..*thinks*
hmm! anyhoo! this has been a pretty long entry so aye!

- x adios x -