Living With Bi-Polar & BPD...
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2004-05-31 16:01:17 (UTC)

End of May......

May is ending on a cool, damp note. I am in the basement
journalling. My days are getting better and better.
Yesterday I stepped on the scales and discovered to my
delight that I had lost about 12 pounds of the 30 that I
had gained back in recent months. So, that just buoyed my
spirits even further!! I feel more energetic.

I actually cleaned the house some and made cakes for the
family get-together at Shell's parents house for later
today. They're for the kids and really cute. Little
individual cakes. Strawberry cake, chocolate icing on the
sides, vanilla on top and mini m&m's and sprinkles on top.

You know, I also came to the realization that I truly love
my job at the hospital. I really really love Unit
Clerking. I truly do. I was considering another position
after receiving an e-mail from another departments manager
requesting a sit down discussion for a position in their
department. I thought about the transfer, because it is
up my alley with my past in Accounting, etc., but the
thought of leaving UC'ing. really made me sad!! I don't
ever remember feeling like that about a job before. It's
nice to have that feeling about a job. It was a surprise
actually. I never thought I would experience that in my
lifetime. I'm very glad I have. :)

I dissed a picnic invitation yesterday. I didn't want to
run into any of my siblings. I sent them all an e-mail
the other day, sharing my feelings on how I felt and feel
about last year's happenings in regards to my Dad's
passing and I haven't heard from any of them. I didn't
expect to but it's so close to when I sent them, I didn't
feel prepared to see any of them.

I'm off to check on my Neopet now..What??? You don't have
a neopet?? You should get one!! Check it out!!!

Bye Bye Bon Bons

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