Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2004-05-31 13:00:29 (UTC)


I really wish the exams would be over with just so I could
read a book or a magazine other than my "biology AS
revisions booklet" or politics magazines :/ I have about 10
which I haven't read and I know it's pointless getting
books when you hav like...9 others to read before it
but...meh. I don't know..I like to know I have something to
9 days until my biology :S v.worried because I know nothing.
Only 10 'till politics!!

I went to see The Day After Tomorrow on Friday. It was
quite good-better than I expected it to be. I remember
seeing the trailor for it when I went to see Return of the
King and it looked good...then it was everywhere and
started to look a bit well..silly, but it's actually v.good.

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