The Nightshade Princess
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2004-05-31 06:50:36 (UTC)

A very odd day, indeed.

My god. I am drained, yet alive in paranoia this night.
The reason for the first will be contained in my
www.xanga.com/mythica site, whilst the reason for the
second is simply that my mother is not home, but at 19 she
has decided to create a bedtime for me, and I am online
well past that hour. If she calls, I am indeed fucked. I
am, at the moment, entirely to anxious to sever my ties
with conscious human beings, as several of my friends are
online. Just.. god please just go to the xanga site to
read about the day. I can't say it any better than that.
All I will say is that it involves human bone... dead human
bone... and I didn't go grave robbing (I have far too much
respect for the dead). Wow. Andrew, do you still read
this? If you do, please leave me some sort of message.
Anyway, I'm getting offline soon, but wanted to update this
particular site, as I've already vented a little one the
other one. Goodnight.

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