2004-05-31 04:10:45 (UTC)

For you Tabitha, and Thea

Hey well this diary entry is for two people but one person
in particular, so here it goes....

Tabitha, Thea, this one is for you guys. First off,
Tabitha, I just want to say Im sorry for everything. The
stuff that I did to you, you didn't deserve none of it.
You didn't do anything wrong, well at the end, in one part
yes but I don't want to get into that. Anyways, your not a
bad person and you deserve the best. I hope everything
goes well for you and Thea and live happily ever after
with her. Theres nothing wrong with you, I've been keeping
up with your diary entries, and you keep saying that Thea
will leave you because everyone in your past left you.
Don't think that anymore. You just deserved better. I
don't know why I did what I did, I guess its because well
I was still in love with Laura but I didn't have the guts
to tell myself or you or her. I was just trying to get
over her by being with you but it didn't work. Its not
you, its the other person whos fucked up, the ones who
have cheated on you in the past. Cheating is so fucking
stupid and it hurts alot. The tables have turned on me and
I felt your pain and Im so sorry. Im also sorry for
telling you all this like almost 2 years later but Im
saying it. I wish you the best in everything. And for
Thea, take care of her, shes a good girl and treat her
like she wants to be treated, which I know you most likely
are. Treat her like no one has treated her before, like us
losers. But yeah, thats all I've got to say, good luck to
you guys. :) Bye-bye.