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2004-05-31 04:00:09 (UTC)


What is going on? Whew, long time since I've written
here. Lots of shit has happened and must be told but
probably not enough time today but I'll give some scoop.
Well my last entry is entitled something about me being
free. Yeah I was for like a week and a couple of days.
Last month, Laura and I realized that our relationship was
coming to an end. I didn't really want to be by her side
anymore. All the anger and hate gathered up and well it
caused chaos inside of me. Then I find out that Laura was
talking to a girl, a couple of days before I broke up with
her. That was a major thing so I broke it up there and
then. We both felt it was ending. The excitement and the
thrill was gone. I still loved her, of course and she did
to me too but it was leaving I guess. She then broke it
off with that other girl and asked me back. I swore to
everyone that I wouldn't and I kept it for a couple of
days. Laura and I started talking again, it was different
though. It felt like a whole new beginning for us, which
it is still. Its so odd, it feels like a new relationship
but with the same people. I've never heard such thing but
its happening to us. We're still keeping count of our
relationship though, like we are now 1 year and 3 months.
Damn, thats quite a time to be together with someone, but
its worth it, especially if its with my baby girl. :) But
yeah, we've been through some tough tough shit but we're
still here and we're engaged. I only see myself with her,
now and later on, same thing for her. We just can't live
without each other, the test that I guess God sent us last
month, we aced it and passed it with gay ass colors! :) I
Love You Mamas, I know we've been through hell and back
but you and I both know that we are certainly meant to be.
Thank you for changing and being the good little Laura you
should be. I thank God for bringing me back as well, the
old Jackie, the one you met Sophomore year. :) Kisses! But
yeah thats what happened between Mamas and I. We're doing
better than ever now. Ok and with my family, they're being
cool, I Love them soooooo much, they put up with alot of
my shit. They Love me too. :) My brother George is going
to be now in High School, hes taller than me, that little
brat. Hes still wanting my attention and all jealous of
Laura but he knows I Love him. So everything is going
smoothly in the Contreras household. :) With my best
friend Kristian, some shit happened last week, I was going
to lose her but in the end, her and I are still talking.
Some connection with her left but its all good. With other
people, its alright. Me, Im starting school again this
Tuesday. Im still looking for a job cause my last one was
shit, I would do alot of crap but they paid shit so forget
that. I rather be a school girl for the moment and then a
working girl a little later but I hope soon. Oh yeah, I
still got that crush on Britney and Alyssa. (I know your
reading this babe, just putting this on here to piss you
off, you know I Love You Babe! ;)) But yeah. Ok, well I've
written enough, I'll write some more stuff later, bye bye