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2004-05-31 01:17:04 (UTC)

Disney Princess' are sluts!

OK, so my daughter has these Disney character readalong
books...where the characters are the various princesses from
various Disney animated films...now, lookaing at these girls
closely my warped and twisted mind has uncovered the truth
about these "pure" princesses...read on and be
Belle: The beasts lovetoy from Beauty and the Beast.
Besides the obvious animal fixation (beastiality), Belle
happens to be the homliest of all the princesses, therefore
she has been around the block a few times..and that whole
Gaston episode proves she is such a dick tease.
Snow White: Dwarves dwarves Dwarves dwarves Dwarves dwarves
Dwarves ...thats 7 of those short horny bastards..she digs
the teeny peenies.
Cinderella: Bondage. She gets off being whipped and
bruised, especially by other women...a lesbian S&M slut queen.
Aurora: (Sleeping beauty) She has a serious narcolepsy
problem..but besides that a totally boring lay...she just
lies there doing nothing..not even a whimper as her prince
does his princely duty from behind.
Arial: The mermaid...I keep thinking she is WAY young..but
she did get married with a sailor... He obviously had a few
favourite whores in various ports of call around the
world...most likely giving his guppy bride some nasty
disease...all I gotta say about that is ...fishy smell
Jasmine: This hot Nubian babe is OK in my book, she has the
moves and the bod to fuck everyone till they see heaven..Id
like a bit of a carpet ride with her!

And there you have it..the TRUTH!