2004-05-30 18:41:52 (UTC)

Catch up time ..... long time

I received the nag mail. I am a loser and created this
thing and keep forgetting to use it. Guess it's just
because I am really busy with life and stuff. Let me

I have been working for a company that does furniture
deliveries into a home and set it up. Kind of like a
white glove service. I do the scheduling and dispatch the
drivers. That has been keeping me pretty busy working
long hours and such. My husband has been working a new
job now too. Unfortunately his shift is opposite mine and
we hardly see each other. So with that in mind I am
completely busy with the MOM thing. Basically feels as if
I am a single Mom.

If work is not keeping me busy I have also taken on
another job of sorts. I started working with a company
called FOR YOUR PLEASURE. It is an adult novelty and
gifts home party company. It takes up several hours out
of my weekend but it is also bringing home some money.
Gotta do what ya gotta do. ;)

Birthdays: At the end of March my son turned 8 and just a
few weeks ago my daughter turned 12. She needed to get
rid of her bedroom furniture since it was falling apart.
As her birthday present we are remodeling everything in
her room. Today we are finishing the carpet and trim.
Then we can start assembling the new bed and setting
things in place. It's going to look awesome. This Tuesday
June 1st is my birthday and I turn 32. I am going to be
getting a new car. Just can't decide what I want.

Bad news: Last week I found that someone had intercepted
my bills in the mail, calculated the total of all those
checks and used almost the exact balance on two phone
payments with Capital One. Now I am i the process of
getting that figured out and taken care of. Never thought
it would ever happen to me. I will keep my fingers

That about sums it all up for now. Have a good day/night
whatever it is. :)