my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2004-05-30 17:41:51 (UTC)

crazy rain!!

yea today its raining. we were going to go to the beach
after church but well... rain.
today was chris's birthday!! well is. when we got to church
( a lil late whoops.) he was up there at the drums with
balloons hahahaha. his moms so funny. ne way after the song
service n comunion n offering, roger said his usual "stand
up and greet someone" thing and amy and i dodged the crowd
and went to the fellowship hall so i could pee and she
could eat something fast bcuz she was very hungry. we wer
out there for like 5 or 10 minutes lol. when we were comign
back chris was walking to the fellowship hall. we stoped to
talk. he looked cute to day which cracked me up. he's a
year younger then me lol.
im such a dork.

eh but i dont care. honestly i don't. i dont like knowing
what people think of me but im gonna think what i wanna
chris is cute. i liked him. he's yougner then me. so what?
not like he's 5 and im 18.
nor will i break any laws. i dont do that stuff.

wooh let me stop myself while im ahead.

so we're(amy and i) going to his bday party 2night. woo
hoo. we're hoping(or amy is) that he has hott friends. lol.
i mean he's in a band! thats great. lol. ne way im gonna
go i gotta wizz.