Too Much to Say
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2004-05-30 17:15:12 (UTC)


nothing leaves a mark on friendship like loyalty.
i've found that i have one of the most loyal friends in the
world, and i never even realized it. she knows more about
me than anyone else, all the good, all the bad, she can see
right into the core of who i am. with all this knowledge
she has more reason to walk away than anyone, and yet she
has been the most faithful. she is the one person i'm
never afraid of losing...and perhaps that's why i've taken
advantage of that friendship many times before. but never
again. i can't believe it's taken me this long to have
such a revelation, but i'm glad i finally had it. it
reminds me of what my dad said once about his parents. he
said they never put any effort into their good/productive
children and therefore those children eventually walked
away without much care for the relationship. why would i
ever want to take advantage of such a blessing?

thank you for your loyalty.

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