My World According to Me
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2004-05-29 16:10:09 (UTC)

Its the weekend ^_^

Like woah.

I want to spend the night at Katie's house, but nooo, /I/
HAVE to to go and see my cousins for the memorial weekend.
Kinda sucks. I can see them any ol' time! Anyways...
I still can't get the nerve to go and speak to Jason.
Don't you just LOVE that name? Jason....Jason....Jason...-
cough- Okay, I'm done rambling.

So I can't even go and say HI to him! At the Annie play,
he was RIGHT there in front of me, and he LOOKED at me (or
was I hallucinating¿) and SMILED, his beautiful dimples
and white teeth showing...-falls over-

Okay, I'll shut up now. Time for a change of subject ^^ My
older brother has stalkers. They are three girls who
giggle around my house 24/7, no matter HOW much I tell
them that my brother is NOT here. So they lurk outside,
whispering like a bunch of fan girls. Rather annoying,
Oh man, here they are now...

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