2004-05-29 08:49:45 (UTC)


SO went to beer gardens tonight and jay came and i just
wanted to kiss him all night. and he was TOUCHING me and we
were wrapped in conversation and even tho he is "gay" ive
always liked him. got along with him. ya know. and he was
tellin me how he thinks he might wanna date a girl and i
KNOW KNOW that he was thinking sexual things about me. i
know it. and ugh. ifi didnt have my period i wouldve caved
and made him come home with me. but i do have my period and
thats why im so damn horny

BUT next weekend is my birthday and ritas friend allen
might come and i would totally love to haul his hot ass
back home with me. ive wanted to fuck him sinse the first
time i met him and rita says he has a kilbasssa dick. i
would rather get my rocks off with him, no strings attached
then with jay, who i dearly adore, but is just a confused
bisexual that i have buddings of a true friendship with.
we';; see what happens. all this anticipation and
apprehension i love it!