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2004-05-29 06:04:15 (UTC)

sinister musings for the moment

i was sitting at my grandma's today, and the show divorce
court came on. one lady was divorcing her husband, because
he was gay. they have a 3 year old kid together, and
because he was making the kid sleep between him and his
significant other in the same bed when the kid went to see
him alone. now i agree with her divorcing him because of
that. but they made SUCH a big deal over him being gay, and
it made me think and this is what i came up with:

its like gay marriages. y'know, i dont necessarily think
its right, but i'm sure i do stuff that people dont approve
of, but that isnt going to stop me. and from personal
experience, if you somebody not to do something, that jsut
makes them even more determined to do it. they're only
hurting themselves, and as far as i'm concerned, if its not
hurting anybody else, let them do what they want.

and, as an odd side thought that i jsut came up with
while talking to my friend:

i can deal with other peoples problems easier than i can my
own. helping them pushing my own problems further away and
that makes me feel better. so long as
somebody else has problems, i'm good. wow...thats bad

::sighs:: y'know, on second thought, ::does her happy
dance and falls on her butt:: yes. that makes me feel much
better. so that was my sinister musings for the moment.
maybe it should be illegal for me to think. ah well.

oh, and to quote a movie really quick.

"Down the hole is down the hole, you may as well have fun
gettin' there."

its from a movie called'Purgatory' and "the hole" is
referring to Hell, because if the people weren't good, this
indian guy comes, takes them to a graveyard thing with lots
of fog and you hear them falling into the hole, screamin'
all the way down. and with that lovely thought, i bid you

forever 17