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meaningless words & thoughts of nothing
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2004-05-29 03:57:36 (UTC)

the letter you wrote made me..

the letter you wrote made me smile and cry at the same
time. it made me smile to know that for the fist time in my
life i have someone who Genuinely cares. it made me cry
because i dont want to let you down. for the first time i
have someone who really cares and i am scared of screwing
that up. a careless mistake or something that i say or do
could take you away forever. you say you are scared of me
leaving,but i am not going anywhere you are the one who can
do so much more with your life and i dont want to hold you
back. i dont really know which direction my life is heading
right now and i am sorry for anything that i have done or
will do in the future just know that i love you and thank
you for being there for me i know there are so many better
people out there then me and you could have been friends
with them just as easy but you didnt for some reason you
chose me even tho i put you through hell and back. i admire
your strength i know it has to be hard i am sorry for the
names and anything else i ever said that made you feel down
you are a wonderful person who doent deserve any of it so
again i am sorry for everything i have done ilove you so

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