What a Life
2004-05-28 06:27:29 (UTC)

It's just me and my son!!!

I finally left my boyfriend, I should have left him a long
ago...but didn't...

He did so much things to me, and i try to remind myself
all the bad things he did...

He choked me several times when i was pregnant, he cheated
on me when i was pregnant and when my son was just 3 days
old...then when i confronted him about those two women he
just stopped hurting me and apologized to me...and
promised that he would never do it again...i kept a good
eye on him.

but i should have left him long ago, he didn't deserve a
second chance...and i gave him too many...

I dont' want my son to come out like that...i dont want
him to see any thing like that...

I left because i finally realized that he will never
change...he will always hurt me, he will never have
control of his anger....

It's hard but i dont want to go back to that...