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2004-05-28 01:06:02 (UTC)

start outz

i had a fun day!well lets start out by skool,exams were
alright actually,i had fun in fashion got 2 say bye 2 my
homiez!& had my exam in math,damn ima miss the ppl. in
there so much!ill miss u guyz! ne who,after skool came home
until i got a call 4rm tiff,she wanted 2 go & eat so i said
fo sho! so i go 2 her house & haha she & ken were ridin a
litlle kid car & tiff was on a mini motorcycle i was
laughin sooo hard so i got in the car w/ ken & my butt
barely fit!lol we drive 2 her house and get sum stuff,omg!
her dog is nutty!lol,ne who after we left to smiths lol she
drove me on her moped it was awsome! but we kept bumpin
everywhere until we landed in the rocks! so i decided 2
drive & guess wut i get "zee ur a better driver then
me...yaaa thanx tiff lol!so we go 2 china go go,& get the
big big family special & we grubbed like whoa! and aaah i
saw the sexiest white boy i have ever seen..mmm & u no me
im not into white guys but damn!lol,so we were there 4 like
an hour afterwards we went & walked around smiths,haha we
put the moped in the cart & drove it around in
smiths,lol..we left,& went bak 2 tiffs & hung out 4 a lil
bit...i like her room,its pimpin! & shes rich!lol,but then
we went to the elementary skool & hung out there w/ sum
ppl. we sawray! i love my ray!& lol i think my bro peed on
a wall at the skool,ill beat his ass if he did ugh!
went bak 2 tiffs again lol,& i had my mom pick me up...so
not 2 bad,im not leavin to tahoe till later,i get 2 c
julian wahoo!lol but im tired so payce out buddy! stay