malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2004-05-28 00:38:42 (UTC)

virtual escapism

cross training... bras, it trains them to do what exactly?
is costuming the obligatory drug of choice here, or are
catholic school kids making a statement for equalism and
quality cotton fabrics? scotch guard this, fuckers, he. he. he.
i work. i work casual regular, how sleezy does that sound?
and in lamens terms it means only that they aren't paying me
as much as they should... a poor excuse for the happiest sad
girl once again. and john roberts makes me laugh, art and
erin have way too many vowels in their first names a lone
and my name looks silly in cursive writing.
reckon with the malcontent and anarchy modulists who sit
punching numbers all day trying to throw off city banks
rather than doing something constructive... perhaps its
virtual escapism at its best, most innocent form; who are we
at the other end of the line? a series of ones and zeroes
bleaping in and out of catheder lined pipes winding up the
rear-end of humanity's electronic anus. we don't need
martyrs anymore folks, so do us a favor and quit off-ing
yourselves. jesus died for humanity and look at what good it
did him... now he sells soap and nice verbs for coffin
dodgers and preschoolers. beware of the air conditioning.

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