wrestling lover
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2004-05-27 23:21:13 (UTC)

I'm soooooooooooo sorry

I just looked at all of those hillarious entries i made
wow! Well things have changed for me. I no longer love
stone cold or brock lesnar. I love USHER Yes Usher. Its
May 27 and i'm depressed. I'm behind 28 pages and math and
they are all due tommorow UGH i want to run away and never
come back. Summer is soon and i'm going to die with my
grandma. Please go check out for all who
love neopets. my username is..well i wont tell you.
Nothing much else. Please pray for me that i get a good
grade i'm going to practicly die, my dads going to get mad
at me for having a bad report card and so is my grandma.
UGH I"M GOING TO DIE. g2g on neopets peace out homies

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