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2004-05-27 20:52:57 (UTC)

Broken Pinky Nail! aaaaah!

Heylo all..hows it goin? I'm doin alritey atm! aint wrote
on this in a couple of days n i like 2 keep it updated so i
thot i really shud write in it nows! :o)! yay!
anyhoo..heres sum updates since the last time i wrote in

Last night - Erm..went out with
there maybe sum1 i hav missed bt i dunno! :-/ hmm..n we ran
about playin basketball n stuff like that for a bit..n got
drunk..was pretty good..apart from i hurt ma pinky nail off
the ground n half of ma nail snapped off from over the
skin..which really was quite painful! but its okdee
nows..jus looks a bit fucked! then went back 2 mine n took
a rager at my bro..which only Leesha wud appreciate if she
was there! LoL!..n ate some food..n Emma stayed over n
thats about it really..!

Today i went to the centre for a bit 2 get sum last minute
stuff for the wedding which is 2moro..! am all excited coz
am going 2 get ma hair done n i hav a pretty flower for ma
bag n ma wee pokla dot shoes n stuff..OoO! well good! n
then i came home n sunbathed coz it was really lovely
ootside! :o)..

Tonight.. i aint done much at all..was gonna go into town
with Malcolm n J-lo but i decided to be good n stay in coz
i have 2 go 2 ma hairdressers at 9.30 2moro
morning..arrghh! thats tooo early! but ma mum n i have got
take away 2 eat so im gonna go munch that soon!

Iv been invited over 2 Jo's on Sat nite with a whole load
of ppl which shud b a good laff..coz we aint going 2 the
pub anymore..which is probs a good thing coz im gonna owe
ma mum money..anywayz! i was gonna say summit else on now iv forgot..n wrote a whole lota
2 munchie!!

- x adios x -

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