Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2004-05-27 18:20:08 (UTC)

Psychology exam, it was hard. I wrote about 6 lines for each
of the 18 mark questions and one of the units was all about
the APFCC studies....I think it was Stress..and I couldn't
remember one. And the individual differences I
don't remember any studies studying indiv.differences. This
morning, before the exam I revised charactersistic of
bulimia which turned up(:D) and how stress responces work
which didn't turn up. Ah..I was expecting to do quite well
in my psychology...don't think I have though. I'll have to
resit the exam in Jan if I get below a D. I hope everyone
else in the country found it as hard, so the grade
boundaries are moved up...

I went to see Troy last week, and am going to see The Day
After Tomorrow, tomorrow. It doesn't look *that* good but
I've been wanting to see it since I saw the trailor when I
went to see Return of the King. Troy was great. It's been
getting quite negative reviews so I wasn't expecting it to
be very good but it was great. I also heard there wasn't
much Sean Bean but there was loads :D. I might even go see
it again with Emily.

Three biology, three politics and two history exams left....

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