A Darkness Within Light
2004-05-27 06:19:01 (UTC)

Look At Your Life

I look at life as a series of moments and as a flower
of opportunity.

Every second of every day is a moment and they all tie
in together to create your life; something that is only
yours. Your peers and family may know bits and pieces but
they will never know the euphoria or agony you experienced
during some of the most intricate moments of your life.

The world is a beautiful place but with people who are
like pollen; all the same with a touch of annoyance in ever
little spot. The difference between pollen and people is
that we have more varieties of color. I find diversity to
be a wonderful thing when we are able to put our prejudices

With all the pain I have endured these past nineteen
years there is one thing I have found to be true: You
cannot care what others think of you. You are your own
person. You make your own choices in this life and because
there are so many to choose from you can't blame yourself
for taking a wrong path. You can only realize there are
many more to choose from. Others may not approve of your
every step but ultimately you are the one creating your
story. What matters most is how you feel inside; not to
judgments others place on you.

Make the most of your moments and live within the
beauty of nature for yourself.

"It's your life, live it howeva you wanna." ~ Eminem