2004-05-27 05:26:24 (UTC)

here i go again

i havent written in this in forever. i wonder why. i dont
know. what have a been writing in? not my written journal.
those stories for class. thats pretty much it. oooo look at
the writer sara not writing, this is starting to get BORING

so i took this second job, god knows why. well. cause i
felt lke a yutz for working 12 hours a week. i was taking
that writing class and the real estate classes but i havent
been to the real estate classes and the writing class is
over. and i dont know if i want this job. or lke it. or if
im being too picky or if im just nervous and afraid of
starting something new and i dont know i dont know if what
i am doing is RIGHT, what path am i ON? where is it HEADED?
iknow i want to go to grad school. but do i ? why? for the
degree? you need the degree to teach. and you need
connections. and i want the time and space grad school will
allow for me to write.

so i guess i should be applying. right?
and writing. yes.
i think i just need to stop stressing for now. just do this
tomorrow, then figure out everyhting else.


1. go to job tomorrow, fill out direct deposit. leave info
for patti
2. get yankee tickets from guy at 430 or ask rita to get em.
4.go out and party with sailors
5. next day- CLEAN. this apartment is NASTY
7. really take time to assess and think about what you want
8. grad school research
9. decide whether you will go back next week.
10. real estate classes-just finish em


kevin is telling me this isall just cause im about to get
my period. i was also bitching to him about how my tits are
getting smaller and sagging and i have stretch marks.
everywhere, all over.

i just started reading this book, called "i wish someone
were waiting for me somewhere " and its just DELIGHTFUL. i
was practically squealing for joy at some of the lines
while i was reading it on the train

ah, the little things.