DiNaH says...
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2004-05-27 03:55:47 (UTC)

Another Used To Be

after an early retirement from work, too early to be
legible for the benefits, i regularly spend my days at home
watching tv, eating, sleeping, in short... gawang tamad!

well, i enjoy watching hey arnold, as told by ginger, judie
and light cartoons in the morning while in the afternoon, i
wait for sponge bob square pants and alien zim (i forgot
its original title). too shallow? i am 24, for pete's
sake!!! who's pete anyways? i'm not going through emotional
trauma or having trouble with my personality, neither on my
second childhood. i mean, it's too early to even consider
that i am that ill! but i just miss the good 'ol cartoons
that feature moral values and not violence. although zim is
violent indeed. anyhow, aren't they all cute?

i just need some company sometimes but i have no one
sensible enough to talk to. and so, i'd rather stay alone,
indulge myself on food and tv, or spend some time with my
mom, coz soon i'd have to leave and ... well... there's
nothing more to say!

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