What I really THINK
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2004-05-26 22:48:26 (UTC)

I'm still around

well well well, a long time has past since I last wrote,
but it's ok. I'm happy today, I went excersing, slept at
mommom's last night, oh yeah, I got a new job too.
I've been semi-satisfyed with my life. It started when my
bulimia ended I guess. Now that I got that out of the way,
i need to work on my weed problem now, wich is affecting my
school work. I was going to take summer classes, but
instead (due to finanical difficulties) I'm taking off and
starting a little late in the fall. Better late then never
right? Thats how I look at it.
I still see renee, which helps a lot. I'm trying to be
prescribed adderol, b/c i know it will help me stay focused
on ym work. This fall I'm going to be going thro a lot of
changes. I just got to keep telling myself that I won't get
anywhere unless I stay in school, which is what I will
continue to do.meanwhile, I got to go, I really don't feel
like typeing anymore. Love you