The Sexy Blonde
2004-05-26 18:17:24 (UTC)

Last Day of School

Good afternoon people!

Today was the last day of school. Yah!

My last exam was Art, I had to draw for symmetrical designs
they he placed before us o the board. I barely finished in
time. We got out at 10:35a.m. Yah! I missed the big
organized group fight at Damions house. My friend Cynthia
was gonna box this girl named Ariana. Yup. But I am going
to miss it, because I...well...I had a way there, but not a
way home..and I didn't want to take any chances getting
stranded anywhere.

I got so freaked out about the computer, it didn't want to
start earlier, and then I had to restore the files and all
that crap. Grr*

My mom wants to talk with me later. Ugh.