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2004-05-26 14:18:06 (UTC)

Go ahead...make my lay

So, I thank Footloose2 for inspiring me to continue to spew
the disfunctional shit I vomit so readily from my piehole.
So, Vat shall ve talk about Doktor Jones?
Yeah, I proceeded to NOT get laid by my wife tonite... But
thats no surprise... the daughter tends to dull our
reproductive instincts, but thats not saying Im not happy
for my daughter being my child. In fact I adore the little
munchkin and would kill anyone who thinks to injure her in
There, thats the topic for tonite...When my daughter gets
old enough to have...gasp...shutter... BOOBS, how will I
react to the boyfriends issue? Will I pretend that my child
aint being targeted for pre-marital sex? Or should I play
the evil crazed mafia father that will whack any man who
soils her viginity... Actually the latter is more plausible,
since Im in Japan and foreigners are always thought to be a
bit..."off" I could easily convince any asshole Japanese
teen that Id castrate him if he lays one finger on my
Yeah, thats what Im gonna do, but then my daughter will most
likely shun me and fuck everything in sight just to spite
me.. because thats what ID do... FUCK what a quandry!!!!