Ramblings of a Mom
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2004-05-26 12:07:20 (UTC)

She called, now what?

Where do I start? I guess I'll go in time order, lol. I'm
trying to keep it quiet, both of the boys are still
sleeping. Amazing, they're sleeping, I am exhausted and
keep yawning, and yet who's the dummy that is awake and
wishing/dreaming of caffeine? Back to the latest story...
Yesterday morning I said that I was not going to stress
over stuff such as whether or not my friend would call to
see me, stuff with the boys, etc? Well, I did it! Of
course, she didn't call all day. Hmmmmm, am I surprised?
She finally calls at 9:30 last night. Everyone is asleep
and I am almost there. She's like, oh, should I call you
in the morning? I tell her, yes, that would be a good
idea. Now, am I going to be sitting by the phone waiting
for her call? HELL NO! Tyler and I have already made
plans to plant his bean plant from school, paint, work in
his workbooks, and maybe go out for something (I don't know
what yet, have no money) later. I am still standing by my
promise to myself that I am not going to worry about it
anymore. I am not a friend of convenience and if that is
the case, I need to move on, however hurtful that may be.
After all of that, I go to sleep, although not soundly.
Something wakes me up just after 11, but the baby's
sleeping. I look around the house, and the light is on in
T's bathroom. I get up to check on him and he's apparently
used the bathroom, flushed, and went back to bed,
forgetting to turn off the light. I turn it off and go
back to bed, only to get up 40 minutes later with the
baby. I nurse him, put him back to bed. Less than an hour
later (12:50 am) my husband's radio goes off. There is a
piece of machinery that is losing hydraulic fluid and will
not go forward or reverse now, can he come look at it. He
gets up, goes to the shower, and is on his way by 1:15 am.
He won't be home until sometime tonight. Of course I have
trouble falling back asleep after he leaves, and then I
wake up at 6 am cuz his alarm has been going off for 30
minutes already. Trying to turn it off wakes up the baby,
so after I nurse him again, I just stay up.
I think it's going to be a long day for me today...I may as
well get started, the cats are hungry and the dog needs to
go outside.

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