mY sToRy
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2004-05-26 03:13:36 (UTC)


Ok this is for you Cowie, and its not a poem and its not
nice writing or anything, its just something lol... we
have been liek really good friends, always having a good
time, always being there for eachother, always saying
sorry and staying friends, never letting things get
between us, never letting one be alone, never leaving
eachtothers side, and basically being best friends. but
now its like we are drifting apart from eachother...having
weird times, not always being there, not always saying
sorry, letting things get between us, letting one be
alone, and leaving eachothers side. i never ever wanted
that to happen and i never want it to, and i duno why it
is happening. becus i thought we would be best friends for
a really long time, i really did. i mean we completed
eachother, ur faults were my strenghts, my faults were
your strengths. my sadness healed with your happiness and
your sadness healed with my happiness. you are someone
special and mean alot to me, and i never want to lose you
as my best friend. i want us to be there for eachother
always, be a shoulder to cry on, be a friend to listen,
and a hand to hold. My life was completed by u, and when
you kinda left, it had a big hole in it, a big hole that
nobody could take its place. ya we are still friends, but
not at all as close as we used to be. and im just letting
you know that i want to be really really good friends with
you again, and do everything we used to, and act how we
always did, i want it to be how it used to be! i really
do, so just help me try to get our drifting friendship get
strong and pure again, i love u to death, words can hardly
explain it, you are my bffl!