Welcome To My Nightmare
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2004-05-26 01:16:29 (UTC)


Domenica is all depressed like cause Justin doesn't like
her. At least that's what she thinks. He really does like
her, but I can't tell her that cause we, being Justin and
I, agreed that he probably won't like her in a few weeks,
and she'd be worse off if she knew. So this sucks. Grrrr!
But at least I can look forward to band camp. I'm getting a
job at my dad's office, so I should be able to get enough
money to go to camp and Disney World. I hope.
Yesterday during science, my teacher got a phone call. It
was the foster care place she and he husband signed up for.
They wanted them to take in a two month old boy named
Joshua. He's on a heart monitor and special formula since
he was pre-mature. Ms. Kim had to call her husband and some
other lady to ask them for advice. She didn't want to go
through what she did last year when she lost her foster
child of 3 years. Her husband finally convinced her that
Joshua would be better off with them than his crack-head
mother and the father who wouldn't even claim paternity.
People make me sick.