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2004-05-25 23:49:58 (UTC)

well i don't know

i have no idea what to name this entry but i have things to
say yet i don't i have been waiting for colin to call so we
can practice but he said he was calling at 630 ot 700 but
its 744 what the hell i told him i give up and will find new
guitar players b/c i just don't have tiem for unorganized
and untimley people and this is'nmt the first time it's
simple fucking time management its not that hard so i bet i
will here from him and hew will have some kind of excuse
well thats fine and dandy but what ever happened to calling
to let me know there has been a changhe of plans this is a
total waste of time fuck it i can;t even get hold of him so
i'm gonna shit down his neck i'm so pissed that i dont' know
what the hell to think so screw it i'll throw somthing on
the grill and watch the tube and clean house. oh, shit on a

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