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Fresh Words
2004-05-25 22:01:02 (UTC)

5.25.04- It's Been a Minute Since a Good Day

Sorry, I know I been neglectin' this, partly due to
internet difficulties, also to laziness. But I had a few
good days, after a streak of bad days, that I wouldnt dare
discuss in a public diary. Got a 35 on the English portion
of my ACT...that's good news indeed. But you know what I
was thinking today? I haven't cried in a while. Is there
llike a certain age when children learn to express sadness
in ways other than tears. Pardon me for discussing such a
cake topic, but this is my diary, and BigAL has GOTTA let
his cake out sometime. So forget it.
You know what else I was thinkin? I figured out a
while ago that in England, when you say a word that is
singular but is in reference to a group of something, like,
for instance "family", then you have to use a plural verb
to follow it. So for British people it's like "My family
are good", while American English is "My family is good."
But I thought more about it, and what about the
word "people"? Cause we say "People are bad", but according
to the AmerEnglish rule, shouldnt we say "People is bad"? I
dunnno. Someone also recently told me that if you wanted to
refer to more than one Whopper Junior Sandwich, you would
say "whoppers junior". Doesn't sound right, does it? I dont
think its so much a matter of sounding right...I was trying
to explain that it would still be "Whopper Juniors" because
the sandwich is not a whopper, it's a Whopper Junior.
That's the name. Sure, it's a version of a whopper, but
it's proper noun name is "Whopper Junior." so one would
say "Whopper Juniors", right? I don't know, all I know is I
got a 35 on the English portion of the ACT, so I must be
right. Looks like an entry full of English today, huh?
Alright I'm gone, stay real.